Legal service in
affiliate marketing


Alfa Defense has been working in Affiliate Marketing since 2019. We are currently working with more than thousands of affiliates around the globe.

We talk with our affiliates a lot at professional conferences as well as informal gatherings, so we know exactly what they need. One of the hurdles faced by affiliates and publishers is when a bank or a payment system freezes their account, and consequent challenges, such as dashboard lock-out, rising commission fees, etc.

When our trusted partners shared such cases with us, we always helped them minimize or nullify the damage. The number of cases increased over time, that’s why today we have Alfa Defense, a professional team of lawyers and financial experts that fight for the cause of affiliates and publishers with banks and payments systems.

Afla Defense is a legal service, an expert team of lawyers and financiers that provides legal and financial services for Publishers and Affiliate Networks around the world. Today we are the only international business support service in the field of Affiliate Marketing..

Do you want to earn dividend income and have a confirmation of your earnings? Do you want to be able to buy real estate in other countries, maybe get a residence permit and change your place of residence?

Alfa Defense will help you choose and implement the optimal form, jurisdiction for your business and will provide all the necessary accounting and legal services to support your business. Alfa Defense helps your register a new offshore company, or buy an existing one when time is of the essence. Our services include international tax planning, providing registered offices and agents, registered shareholders and chief executives, annual company support, opening bank accounts and document legalization.

Alfa Defense provides you with a “real” accountant and a “real” lawyer that are always available for advice, unlike a soulless online service. The Alfa Defense model combines modern IT solutions with a classic approach: all business workflows are automated, yet at the same time you have a personal expert involved in your business process, who understands the specifics of your field.

The Benefits of Working With Us

Absolute confidentiality
We treat your personal data with utmost care
Pay for results
You pay for our services only after we solve your problem
You’ll be able to resume your business in just a few days
Save time and hassle
We’ll take care of everything